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Supertoad Comics



First appearance: Comic 2
Abilities: Flight, super strength.  His other abilities have yet to manifest themselves.


First appearance: Comic 1
Abilities: Speech, sarcasm.  Ruining monologues.

Frog doesn’t initially realize that he’s not an ordinary frog, although he gets used to the idea fast enough!  What he lacks in overt super powers, he more than makes up for by being a jerk. 

Frog is just one of those amphibians who always gets in the good put down, and you’re thinking, “Oh man, I came up with the best come back for that” like four hours later.  And next time you see him, he totally doesn’t use that set up, so you kinda fumble out your come back line and it sounds weird.

Dragonfly Sensei

First appearance: Comic 12
Abilities: Martial arts master, many styles (yes, Mantis Style too). Haiku. Speaks only in insect analogies.

The Dragonfly Sensei, like Frog, is also a mutant; normal dragonflies don't speak, let alone speak in bug related analogies. That last part is part of the mutation; while not everything the Sensei thinks is at all bug related, the Sensei cannot help but speak that way. It's like entomological Tourette syndrome -- it'd probably be really annoying, but that's what all that calm reflection upon the Lotus blossom and bonsai tree trimming helps you deal with.

It doesn't come up a lot, but the Dragonfly Sensei is a female. Those wizened goatee-like things around her mouth are her palps. Just because she's a girl does not mean she cannot kick butt. The fact that her palps look just like a wizened goatee is purely coincidence, I assure you!

(Artist's note: It's not a coincidence. She's got that wizened Chinese master beard (WCMB), just like Keye Luke. I didn't realize he had been in so much; I just remember his awesome WCMB from the Gremlins movies.

Project SPR-x

First appearance: Comic 30
Abilities: Electrical discharge, can convert own mass to electricity.

Project SPR-experimental life form (SPRx for short) has all the emotional depth you'd expect of a science fair project gone horribly wrong. Its hard to have happy childhood memories to fall back on when one half of you is a ball of hair and clothing lint, and the other half is shed skin cells. Frankenstein's monster didn't have a lot of psychological underpinnings to call upon when that whole "Fire bad!" thing reared its ugly head. There just needs to be more psychologists equipped to handle adolescent trauma for monsters.. won't somebody think of the monsters created by man tampering in God's domain?
Spoiler alert: SPRx is going to grow up and change. It's more anti-hero than hero.

(Artist's note: SPRx was inspired by the Electric Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, who drank electrical serum and turned into a lightning bolt. Yes, mad science has electrical serum. No, you cannot have any. You are not prepared.


EnVIroL Corp

EVIL-Corp would totally have pissed Captain Planet off if he was in this strip.  EC is a ruthlessly inefficient polluting and plundering firm, interested in shady toxic dumping business as well as the horrible effects their awful work ethic has on the world around them.  I’m sure this is an allegory for something or another.

EC divides its employees into three known hierarchies, which work in collaboration with each other, and under the direction of the Board of Directors.  Some of them play better than others.

EnVIrol Corp Goon

First appearance: Comic 6
Abilities: General thuggery

EC Goons are the lowest caste of the corporation.  They’re generally lazy and incompetent, but scored very well on their Thug Aptitude Test  (TAT), particularly on the Pummeling portions.  Goons are numerous, and answer to everybody else in the company, but they don’t mind that so long as there’s a steady supply of weaker things to beat up on.  It’s all part of the food chain!
EC goons wear helmets with breathing filters, on account of their constant exposure to the toxic waste they so callously toss around.  They don’t realize that their outfits don’t meet OSHA standards, and they’re constantly exposed to hazardous slop.  Of course, if they realized their situation, they would be overqualified as goons.

(Artist’s note: EC Goons, as well as the other castes, are based loosely on the X-Nauts from Super Mario RPG: The Thousand Year Door.)

EnVIrol Corp Lawyer

First appearance: Comic 7
Abilities: Objection!

EnVIrol Corp Lawyers have a serious problem -- they lose in court all the time. Juries just can't identify with an attorney with a bullet shaped helmet obscuring his facial features. So they do their best to avoid costly court losses by wrapping up all company business in inscrutable legalese.
The Lawyer caste at EC answer directly to the Board of Directors, and as such they often come into conflict with the other castes, chiefly the science types. All that free wheeling "Let's make a monster and unleash it to see what it does" curiosity rankles EC Lawyers. Rampaging monsters they're down with, but only after the appropriate liability waivers are signed.

EnVIrol Corp Scientist #308

First appearance: Comic 13
Abilities: Mad science, outrageous German accent

EnVIroL Corp plucks the Science caste directly out of Mad Graduate School, and helps them finish their PhD in any of the Board of Director approved disciplines: Monstrous Creationism, Kantian Obstetrics, Advanced Phlogiston Dynamics or Organic Alchemy. Since all of these are pretty much made up fields (except Kantian Obstetrics), it's not as if the newly minted Mad Doctors can go off to industry or academics, so they pretty much stand around in the break room, yelling, "They all said it was mad to try to convert pigeons into unstable isotopes of boron, but I'll show them! I'll totally do that!"
Because they are mad scientists who reject the scientific establishment along with personal responsibility for their own actions, the Science caste chafes under the meddling of the Board of Directors as well as the Lawyer caste who often attempts to rein in the madness a little. #308 is no exception; he realizes he has to show a profit, but when there is so much pure theoretical mad science to be done, who has time for application? Mad scientists get along with the Goon caste just fine; after all, what evil genius doesn't need goons? They said I was mad not to need goons, but I'll show them who's mad!

Neutral groups

The Daily Bugle

First appearance: Comic 48
Abilities: Reporting the news that's fit to print; fitting news.
Supertoad's ingenious disguise: Kermit Kent, Reporter

The Daily Bugle is helmed by Jonas Percy, a cigar chomping, no nonsense newshound with a nose for news. Furthermore, he hates alliteration. Under Mr. Percy, subscription rates have skyrocketed for Citysburg, quite probably due to ingenious marketing by the advertising department with their slogan: "Your parrot deserves only the finest crap paper." Regardless, people still pay money for the paper, which in and of itself is amazing, considering the declines of the newspaper industry.
Most of The Daily Bugle's employees are capable newsmen and women themselves, but Mr. Percy keeps them in line lest they cover something likely to get the paper sued. The only one on his payroll who is truly bungling is Johnny Olson, the Newsboy, but every good newspaper needs a newsboy. They're sort of a mascot. Or a canary in a coal mine, your pick.

(Artist's note: The Daily Bugle is, naturally, an amalgam of The Daily Planet and The Bugle. That makes it entirely novel and not infringing on copyright at all. Also original is Jonas Percy. So is Johnny Olson. So is Lois Lané. So is Kent Clarkson. Really. They're entirely novel. Somebody get an Envirolcorp Lawyer in here.)

The Society for Understanding Carved Kind (SUCK)

First appearance: Comic 56
Abilities: High society functions, balderdash, poppycock, codswallop. Also, they can hold their own in a row of fisticuffs against hooligans.

Being composed of elite industrialists, wealthy dowagers, nouveaux riche, and jetsetting playboy millionaires, SUCK has chosen to spend their vast resources changing the world.. for statues. Yes, too long have statues gone unappreciated, their tireless vigil over parks and libraries gone rewarded only by the excrement of pigeons. As such, they spend their uncountable sums of money buying influence over anything that benefits statues. Sometimes this has collateral benefits, such as their financing political campaigns of candidates opposed to industrial and automotive emissions that cause acid rain. Sure, fish and trees benefit from that, but who cares about all of that when it erodes the statues? Truly, statues are the reason we should oppose it.
While they do not often dirty their hands, SUCK does pull more strings than you'd expect of a bunch of rich ninnies with a marble fetish. Don't put your gum on a statue in Citysburg. Seriously, don't. You don't want to know why.

(Artist's note: SUCK, and their hated rivals SOMAD, got their inspiration from Kingdom of Loathing's hippy vs. frat orc quest. I really wanted opposing factions that were entirely bizarre, and lo, they were born here.)

The Society Opposed to Marble Abusers and Demolishers (SOMAD)

First appearance: Comic 58
Abilities: Random acts of violence, anarchist cooking, appreciating French cinema.

Mostly the haven for theater dropouts, misguided Wiccans, and that jerk barrista at Starbucks who insists on using "venti" even though it's just a small freakin' coffee, SOMAD opposes the use of stone for artistic purposes. They're not real fans of its use in masonry or bricks, either, but statues and tombstones really gets them hot and bothered. If you give one of them a clove cigarette, they'll explain at length how it is unjust and as a society, we should raise ourselves above the paleolithic inscription of totems on cave walls. Mostly, though, it gives them an excuse to be arrogant and obnoxious while sober.
SOMAD members stink of patchouli oil and are painfully thin, mostly so they can fit in their fey striped turtlenecks. You'd think this would give them away to law enforcement agencies, but unfortunately, misfit college kids dress like them all the time, so SOMAD can quite literally hide in plain sight. This is especially bad when SOMAD is having a meeting at a trendy indie coffee shop and there are already misfits there having a poetry slam or some crap. And by the way, it's a small coffee. In America, we call them "small," alright?! Get me a clove cigarette.

(Artist's note: SOMAD members are just as eclectic as SUCK. For some reason, the mime guy makes me smile so big. Can you imagine fighting a mime? No, you cannot, for he'd probably kick your butt. From over there. Using nothing but gestures.)